About Us

Chocolate is considered to be the food of gods, and this was the inspiration for establishing Aubree. It has been three years since Aubree began creating the elixir called chocolates for the mortals. Aubree is about real passion to create the perfect chocolates and desserts for absolute happiness. Aubree's chocolates and cakes will rule and overwhelm your sensory perceptions. Aubree has become the synonym for bliss. Aubree is a world apart from other chocolatiers because our chocolates stimulates the most pleasurable sensations intensifying with every bite. Only the finest ingredients from renowned producers are chosen and the entire process of preparation is carried out meticulously with extravagant craftsmanship.

Paramount attention is given to detail, texture, consistency, colour, flavour, aroma, and taste to deliver the most tempting and distinctive chocolates and cakes. Aubree is not only sourcing the highest quality ingredients from Belgium, but also from around the world to create fusions of flavour and taste by blending indigenous recipes from around the world.

You can experience the world through Aubrees ambrosial creations. Aubree is also committed to preserving the balance of nature by preferring organic and natural products.